Thursday, March 14, 2013


No New DC Movies Until After Justice League: Is DC Intimidated by Marvel's Success?

No New DC Movies Until After Justice League: Is DC Intimidated by Marvel's Success?

Over the years, DC Comics—who are owned by Warner Bros.—have had successful film franchises for Superman and Batman. However, despite their long history and wealth of characters, they’ve never had a hit hero franchise that didn’t have the Man of Steel or the Dark Knight involved. Currently they have no plans to even try until they see how the Justice League movie does. Is DC perhaps a bit intimidated by Marvel’s recent mega-success at movies?
DC Comics has been around since the 1930s and it has some of the most recognizable super-heroes in the world...Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, etc. Everyone knows them. These names are arguably better known worldwide than Iron Man or Thor. With this huge stable of characters to work with, you’d think DC-- reorganized into DC Entertainment a few years ago--would be rolling out a non-stop cavalcade of projects. However, No other DC projects are officially in the works except Justice League and the already completed Man of Steel. No other in-consideration DC super hero film has a script, a producer, a director or a cast.
Contrast this with Marvel, who have several successful franchises going now—The Avengers, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America—and will be adding the Guardians of the Galaxy very soon, as well as Ant-Man and Doctor Strange. There is also the strong possibility of a Hulk sequel starring Mark Ruffalo, following Avengers 2. Add to that Amazing Spider Man 2, and X-Men: Days of Future Past, and Marvel is on a major roll!
So what is DC/Warner Bros. thinking? They say they are waiting to see how Man of Steel performs before they commit themselves to anything. They have spoken about a possible Batman reboot franchise but nothing else seems to be getting serious consideration. The Justice League film, although currently stuck in development hell, seems a sure thing. But of course, the Justice League will feature two guys you may have heard of—Superman and Batman.
DC’s current strategy is to do the opposite of what Marvel is doing. Instead of combining multiple hero franchises into one super-team film; they are going to use the super-team film to launch several franchises. They hope that the introduction of modern versions of Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern will be so well received in the JL movie that the spin-offs will succeed better.
Since the creation of DC Entertainment a few years back, the only non-Bat, non-Kryptonian film they have attempted is the much maligned Green Lantern, which has made them gun-shy about any project that doesn’t have a bat-signal or a red cape with an ‘S’ on it.
DC has been resting their hopes on Christopher Nolan, who directed the successful Batman series and is now overseeing the Man of Steel. However, Nolan has recently made it clear that he doesn’t want to be involved in the Justice League movie — which means that he won’t be the guiding Godfather for DC that Joss Whedon is for Marvel. This was a crushing blow for Warner Bros., which had been hoping that the popular Nolan would connect his red-hot name to the Justice League and its spin-offs.
Without Nolan, DC has to find a new guiding Godfather to oversee its ‘Universe’. Hopefully, whomever becomes Whedon’s DC counterpart will have a better vision for these characters and we’ll start seeing more DC projects in the near future.


  1. Right now, Marvel is miles ahead of DC right now lol

  2. If it wasn't for that asshole nolan, we would have had a JLA years ago. So, do to how successful the Avengers was last summer, grossing over a billion bucks, at this point, solo movies or just a worlds fines is NOT enough to catch up with Marvel financially. Gotta do JLA. BUT THEY GOTTA DO EVERYTHING RIGHT!

  3. Exactly DC HAS TO STEP THE FUCK UP! not half ass or a wolrds finest SAY NO TO A WORLDS FINEST!!! YAY TO JLA!