Sunday, July 8, 2012


 a while back freddie Prinze JR was on the howard stern and discussed being the first choice before tobey maguire and sony telling him he had the role but sam raimi basically forced tobey down sonys throat! heres the transcript!  Howard: You love Spiderman and you wanted that part though? That’s the part you wanted
Freddie: I wanted it bad. Oooohhhh my Goooood.
Howard: You wanted to be Spiderman?
Freddie: Yeah I wanted that. I learned how to read, reading Spiderman comic books.
Howard: Did you—I love Spiderman too. Did you to talk to the director Sam Raimi?
Freddie: Yeah, I spoke to him. I was the first person he met actually and ah—it ah, I don’t know, it just didn't work out.
Howard: Did you have to audition?
Freddie: Ah—no, I didn't read. They wouldn’t actually give me time I was making a movie while we were doing it. And ah—everybody kind of let me know that it was kind of my flick...but everyone except the director.
Howard: Right, right
Robin: *laughs*
Freddie: And they were like yeah, yeah it’s yours don’t worry and I was like…
Howard: Well maybe that hurt you then because everyone said it’s his, it’s his, it’s his but the director wants to put his own stamp on it
Freddie: I think it did. Yeah I think he had his own idea, his own vision was kind of Tobey I think from the beginning. I think people tried to kind of force me down his throat but Tobey's an awesome actor so...
Howard: Yeah, Tobey's good *chuckling in the background*
Freddie: That's not arguable but I'm—I’m pissed I didn't get it.
Howard: Right, but you will go see the movie?
Freddie: Absolutely
Robin: This would have taken up a lot of your time though.
Howard: Yeah, that might have taken more then 3 months.
Freddie: Yeah *laughs* then I’d have to clear(?), yeah I’m sorry that’s too long.
Howard: And you might not have gotten two million because, you know…
Freddie: Yeah

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