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my friend Matt over at has scooped that WB is planning Aquaman movie right after justice league movie! according to matt
"There's nothing concrete other than Warner Bros. is looking at pitches from writers, as well as the new Aquaman movie is said to be based on Geoff Johns' New 52 DC Comics Aquaman comic book.

Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis launched Aquaman as part of the New 52 back in September of 2011 which brought a more serious Aquaman to the forefront of the DC Universe, which has seen the character's popularity skyrocket." i for one am excited about the Prospect. EVERYONE knows who Aquaman is regardless if they read his comics. but the oppurtunity for him do be done  awesome on film is something i cant wait to see! alan ritchson did a great job in smallville! so the character can be done right!

Monday, December 17, 2012

EXCLUSIVE: TRANSFORMERS 4 Script Leaked; Villain is Unicron

EXCLUSIVE: TRANSFORMERS 4 Script Leaked; Villain is Unicron

Close the blinds and dim the lights, because we have a super secret leak on our hands! Thanks to one of our sources in the field, we’ve nabbed the latest copy of Michael Bay’s TRANSFORMERS 4 script (a hefty, robot filled 120 pages of explosions and awesomeness). I can’t give you any specifics about our source, fearing that he may lose his job, but he works in a “secure document disposal” firm, and it just so happened that a copy of the latest Bayformers script (revised on 11/30/2012) came across his path.  After some hours of research, we think this is a legitimate copy (thought we can’t be certain), so we’re really stoked to share it with you… but don’t kill us if we’re wrong.
Before you read any further, I should warn you… the following is pretty spoiler – tastic, so proceed with caution.
Now that the obligatory caveat is out of the way, let’s dive into the meat and potatoes. As the titles of the article so carelessly states, Unicron is the new threat, along with his flunkies.

He’s like Galactus, but with metal wings
The script begins 4 years after DARK OF THE MOON, in the midst of yet another destructive meteor storm. The opening is very much like the other films, with a generic “crisis montage”.  All the major news networks are scrambling to cover the event, fearing that another alien attack is on its way.
Cut to a giant metal space ball, hurtling through the atmosphere, landing right beside Stonehenge. It creates a cylindrical portal and launches an unseen entity into another dimension. As you can imagine, this agitates pretty much everyone, and the Autobots assemble to figure out what the hell is going on.

This is Primus… Unicron killer and all around good guy
Eventually we discover that this giant ball is actually a space ship, designed by an ancient Autobot known as Vector Prime. He’s the guardian of Primus, the one being in the universe that can defeat the planet eating Transformer, and main villain, Unicron. So, Optimus and a handful of Autobots have a grand ol’ time hanging out with Vector Prime, trying to locate Primus.
Meanwhile, Unicron’s flunkies, led by Galvatron, attack a super secret government base in Colorado. This place is important for two reasons
1) It houses Decepticon Corpses (including Megatron)
2) It’s the home of a brand new array of Cybertronian-Earth weapons and armor suits. Imagine Iron Man, but sexier and crazier.
Anyway, Galvatron destroys the installation, plugs into the Decepticon bodies in order to download their memories, and in the process he becomes possessed by Megatron. Yeah… that guy’s back in action.
Oh… and when the base is completely destroyed, one human character (Josie/Circuit Breaker) crawls to safety, but in order to survive, she initiates some weird robotic surgery, and transforms herself into a kickass cyborg.
As you’d expect, there are a handful of other human characters tossed into the mix. There’s a Special Ops Sergeant (Beller) who seems perfectly crafted for Mark Wahlberg, a few reckless kids (Beller’s teenage daughter and her race car driving boyfriend) in the style of Shia Labouf and Megan Fox, but sadly no John Turturro cameo.
I don’t want to bore you with the nitty bitty parts of the script, even though there are a fair share of interesting points before it concludes. Here are the bullet points:
  • Optimus, Vector Prime, and a handful of Autobouts travel to Mount St. Hellen on the day of its eruption in order to retrieve Primus from Space & Time… or at least I think that’s what they’ve done. Galvatron/Megatron attacks them, revealing himself to Optimus, and craziness unfolds
  • They return to the present in order to defend the portal at Stonehenge against Megatron and his Unicron flunkies, in an attempt to survive long enough to ensure Primus’s return
  • Josie/Circuit Breaker goes on a wild binge of Transformer murders, unable to distinguish between Autobots and Decepticons because she’s so damn pissed off, having almost been killed.
  • Eventually Josie joins forces with the Autobots.
  • As the climatic battle unfolds, with Unicron drawing closer to Earth, a group of Dinobots jump through the portal to assist Optimus. Yeah, I said it… DINOBOTS!
  • Unicron arrives, transforming the planet into a mechanical sphere reminscent of Cybertron, but he never gets a chance to finish.
  • Primus finally makes his debut. He defeats Unicron, kicks that baddie’s soul out of his gigantic metal body, and creates a new planet out of the corpse, perfectly fit for the Autobots.
  • In the midst of Unicron’s defeat, Optimus kills Megatron/Galvatron, and all ends well. Kinda. The closing shot reveals Galvatron’s secluded ship, hovering in space, with two bright red eyes shining from within. DUN DUN DUN!
Overall, the film seems like another Michael Bay affair. Nothing spectacular, but nothing terrible, either. Expect to see robots smashing each others faces into bolts and gaskets, a few doses of annoying teenage drama, and some small bits of wit.
What do you guys think? Is this absolutely terrible? Or somewhat better than the last offering?

Thursday, December 13, 2012


according to Mayimbe at Latinoreview the storyline  the new Writer Will beal is using for the justice league movie has been Revealed here it goes!" Mayimbe here.
What’s poppin’ this morning folks?
I’ll tell ya.
Source material because as of this morning, Justice League is still directorless.
You know how Nolan and Goyer went back to Batman comic books like Year One, The Killing Joke, The Long Halloween, No Man’s Land, and Knightfall for their inspiration behind The Dark Knight Trilogy?
Well, according to sources, hot screenwriter Will Beale who got the writing gig for 2015′s Justice League movie, is getting his inspiration from Gerry Conway’s…
Justice League Of America 183-185

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Bill Murray signed on for Ghostbusters 3?

Over the past few days, the internet has been flooded with stories about Bill Murray signing on for Ghostbusters 3. However, what we have are 2 completely different sites which both source eachother as the originator of the story, hit the jump for more.

For the past few days, google search engines have been flooded with article after article which for the most part has just been copied and pasted from one site to another. The subject of the article? Bill Murray signs on for Ghostbusters 3. The story is a back and forth as to which site scooped the story first. On one hand, we have which is somewhat E! for the internet, which sources in their article about Murray. On the other hand, we have which is the mutant clone of the The Onion, providing the internet with fake news and scoops.
When I read the articles, (and trust me I read each and every article last night and this morning which produced the story) there was something that was a little curious. In's article, they refer to someone who spoke with Bill Murray at one of the parties that Mr. Murray crashed during his Party Crashing Tour earlier in the year. Who was this that Bill spoke with and Super Official News quoted? The answer... Kaiser Solzie. Before you guys get up in arms, this is not Keyser Söze from the film "The Usual Suspects" this is a 26 year old New York Street Musician who was named for the character. Below is an excerpt from the Super Official News article as to what Solzie said.

“In Austin I actually got to talk with him for a few minutes, what a cool guy,” Solzie says. “I said Ghostbusters 3 wouldn’t be the same without you. He told me if he did decide to do it, I could have a role in the movie.” Solzie laughs, “Now that Bill is doing the movie I sure hope he doesn’t forget what he said to me.”

I did some searching and found Solzie's facebook page. I have sent him a message asking him to please confirm or deny the comment, but have yet to receive a reply, however upon looking through his page for any evidence what so ever, I discovered that he had indeed shared the very article he was mentioned in, suggesting to me that that part of the article is true. As we all know, if a portion of an article is confirmed as true, then that gives strong supporting evidence for the rest of the article but doesn't get it out of the woods quite yet. has posted an update on their article "UPDATE: has reached out to Sony regarding WENN's story, but has been unable to confirm at this time."
Below, you can read both's article and's article, in the yellow.
First up is Super Official News' article:

Hollywood, CA — Ghostbuster’s fans around the world are celebrating as it has just been confirmed by that Bill Murray has signed on to do Ghostbusters 3.
For years it has been unclear whether Murray would be joining the rest of the cast, which includes Harold Ramis as Dr. Egon Spengler and Dan Aykroyd as Dr. Raymond Stantz, or even if the movie would ever be made at all. In September on the red carpet at “Hyde Park on Hudson” Bill Murray admitted there was another Ghostbuster’s script in the works and that he was considering it.
Ramis told reporters how he had received word that Murray was agreeing to the project. “Yeah, it was kind of crazy,” Ramis said. “Just out of nowhere, I get a phone call from Bill at almost three in the morning on Thursday and he simply said, ‘Yeah, ok, I’m in’. That’s Bill Murray for you. Surprising and straight to the point.” Ramis continued, “Bill also said a major factor in his decision to do the movie had been all the support he received from fans during his 29 city ‘Party Crashing Tour‘ earlier this year.”
26-year-old Kaiser Solzie attended one of the parties that Murray appeared at during the tour. “In Austin I actually got to talk with him for a few minutes, what a cool guy,” Solzie says. “I said Ghostbusters 3 wouldn’t be the same without you. He told me if he did decide to do it, I could have a role in the movie.” Solzie laughs, “Now that Bill is doing the movie I sure hope he doesn’t forget what he said to me.”
Paul Horner who is one of the co-writers that assisted Etan Cohen in writing the script had heard that Murray could possibly be a part of the third movie. “Word through the grapevine was that Murray enjoyed reading our script that was passed along to him a few months ago. As for if he was going to be a part of it, well that was the million-dollar question,” Horner said. “The writers, the cast, the fans… everyone is truly excited for this to have finally all come together.”
Ivan Reitman, who directed Ghostbusters 1 & 2, will return once again to direct this highly anticipated film. Returning stars from the original movie are Sigourney Weaver as Dana Barrett and it’s said Rick Moranis could come out of retirement to perform as Louis Tully. Possible new faces for the project are Ashton Kutcher, Seth Rogen and Vincent Kartheiser.
Shooting for Ghostbusters 3 is said to begin in the fall of 2013, but now with Murray on board, filming for the movie could start as soon as February of next year.

Now,'s article:

Lost In Translation star Bill Murray is back on board the Ghostbusters 3 movie after reportedly dropping out of the sequel.
Co-star Harold Ramis has confirmed the funnyman will be reprising his role as Dr. Peter Venkman in the follow-up to 1989's Ghostbusters II.
The news comes after Murray stunned reporters on the red carpet at the recent Hyde Park on Hudson premiere by revealing he was considering returning to the franchise.
Before that, fans and castmate Dan Aykroyd, who has been championing the third film for years, had all but given up hope that Murray would return - this past summer (12), the Canadian actor, who played Dr. Raymond Stantz in the first two Ghostbusters films, told Metro magazine the project would be moving on without its star.
Aykroyd said, "He (Murray) won't be involved... It's sad but we're passing it on to a new generation. Ghostbusters 3 can be a successful movie without Bill. My preference would be to have him involved but at this point he doesn't seem to be coming and we have to move on. It's time to make the third one."
But it seems there has been a change of plan.
Ramis has received word that Murray was agreeing to the project.
He tells, "It was kind of crazy. Just out of nowhere, I get a phone call from Bill at almost three in the morning... and he simply said, 'Yeah, OK, I'm in!' That's Bill Murray for you. Surprising and straight to the point.
"Bill also said a major factor in his decision to do the movie had been all the support he received from fans."
And co-writer Paul Horner is thrilled about the news, adding, "Word through the grapevine was that Murray enjoyed reading our script that was passed along to him a few months ago. As for if he was going to be a part of it, well that was the million-dollar question. The writers, the cast, the fans... Everyone is truly excited for this to have finally all come together."
Ivan Reitman, who directed Ghostbusters 1 and 2, will return for the third film. Sigourney Weaver will also return as Dana Barrett, and reports suggest Rick Moranis will come out of retirement to reprise his role as Louis Tully. Ashton Kutcher, Seth Rogen and Vincent Kartheiser have been suggested as cast newcomers - and possibly the faces of the new Ghostbusters.

Shooting is scheduled to begin next year (13).

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Details On Audition Scenes For The CW's AMAZON Surface

Details regarding the scenes being used to "screen test" actors and actresses for The CW's Amazon have surfaced, revealing another character important to the Wonder Woman origin mythology, which you can read after the jump!

Image from Wonder Woman animated film.

  We have learned that the two scenes being used to screen test lead actors may involve Diana's aka Wonderwomans love interest, Steve Trevor crashing on to  her Amazon homeland of Themyscira, who is then taken captive by Diana for interrogation. Not bad, right? The second scene being used has Diana and Steve possibly going on a date, most likely to test the chemistry between the two leads. Check out WWTV's descriptions below.

Steve Trevor has landed, and his hands and feet are cuffed by a chair as Diana tries to figure out his intentions. She notices he has a weapon, and accuses him of being a terrorist, or even a diversion or harbinger of an invasion of men.

Diana and Steve are at a diner, we assume in Man’s World, and are a lot more friendly. There, Diana has her first taste of ice cream, in a very cute sequence.

Obviously it should go without saying that these scenes may end up never being filmed as The CW has yet to greenlight Amazon. The scenes may also not be selected from the pilot script, as well.