Saturday, December 1, 2012


Details On Audition Scenes For The CW's AMAZON Surface

Details regarding the scenes being used to "screen test" actors and actresses for The CW's Amazon have surfaced, revealing another character important to the Wonder Woman origin mythology, which you can read after the jump!

Image from Wonder Woman animated film.

  We have learned that the two scenes being used to screen test lead actors may involve Diana's aka Wonderwomans love interest, Steve Trevor crashing on to  her Amazon homeland of Themyscira, who is then taken captive by Diana for interrogation. Not bad, right? The second scene being used has Diana and Steve possibly going on a date, most likely to test the chemistry between the two leads. Check out WWTV's descriptions below.

Steve Trevor has landed, and his hands and feet are cuffed by a chair as Diana tries to figure out his intentions. She notices he has a weapon, and accuses him of being a terrorist, or even a diversion or harbinger of an invasion of men.

Diana and Steve are at a diner, we assume in Man’s World, and are a lot more friendly. There, Diana has her first taste of ice cream, in a very cute sequence.

Obviously it should go without saying that these scenes may end up never being filmed as The CW has yet to greenlight Amazon. The scenes may also not be selected from the pilot script, as well.


  1. You know, I am glad they are going to try and pick up with the new wonder woman tv series again. Only this time, they had better damn well keep true to the original origins from the comic, like they did in the wonder woman animated movie from 2009. HOWEVER, them calling it just "Amazon"? WTF?! Why the hell can't they call it wonder woman?! It's like they are afraid of calling it that?!!!!! Come on!! *sigh* But even so, I am going to give it a chance. But like I said -- THEY NEED TO GET IT RIGHT THIS TIME!

  2. yeah agreed they need to get it right!