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.AMAZING spider-MAN sequels could have KINGPIN AND SINISTER SIX!!!

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Producers Discuss The Possibility Of Introducing The Sinister Six

Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach discuss the chances of introducing the Sinister Six in a future Spider-Man movie, while also revealing that they hold the rights to the Kingpin and may use him at some point too. The Amazing Spider-Man producers Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach have discussed the possibility of the Sinister Six being used in a future installment in the franchise. It would appear that the success of Marvel's The Avengers has convinced them that it would work, while they also express interest in using the Kingpin too. Check out a few excerpts from the interview below and be sure to click on the link at the bottom of the page to read it in full. Which six villains would you like to see make up the ro

Do you feel like you need to stay away from some of the villains that have appeared in the Sam Raimi movies? Or can you redefine them within the context of this new Spider-Man?

Arad: Well, not really. There are so many ways to paint these villains, all of them. As you know, one of the great sagas in the Spider-Man universe is of course the Sinister Six. I think "Avengers" did okay the last time I looked.

Tolmach: It's going to be okay.

Arad: Yeah, it will survive.

So are you suggesting you're going to do five Spider-Man movies introducing each villain and then the sixth movie will have the Sinister Six?

Tolmach: It seems like a good model.

Arad: It all depends on the stories that one wants to tell, because Spider-Man is really more a depth kind of a story, we have to be careful how many villains we can service, because a relationship with a villain has to be such that it's a story on his own. We attempted to do multiple villains--you've been there--you just need screen time to do it.

Does Sony have the rights to Kingpin? That was a great Spider-Man villain until Frank Miller took him for his run on Daredevil and he became known more as a Daredevil villain, appearing in that movie.

Arad: Believe it or not, Kingpin was on loan to Daredevil, so again, anything that is part of the Spider-Man Universe or introduced in the Spider-Man Universe--without getting too legal beagle here--is an opportunity, and if we have a story that Kingpin is important, I'm sure we can handle that.

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