Sunday, March 3, 2013

Finally Justice Leauge Scoop! Wb Want bale back as Batman with Cavill as Superman & Snyder to Direct! :UPDATED BALE NOT BACK AS BATMAN THANK GOD!

big news Goyer to Write JLA Snyder to Direct And Cavill and Bale to return As Batman my pal Matt as cosmicbooknews had said this a while ago, well except for the Bale part which i still have a hard time buying. But according to latinoreview Wb are going to move heaven and earth to make JLA happen and have a plan to counter the jj Abrams acquisition of Star Wars. And latino review is talking about a scenario of Supermanflying to a bearded batman to bring him out of retirement but this raises so many questions. Where does this leave Joseph Gordon levitt will he be robin night wing, will hew en be in it?how can bale possibly e batman when he has I mansion or Batcave? I myself have had enough of bale and would rather see another actor takeover! What say you guys?

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