Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sebastian micheal's OP-ED on the new 52 and DC!

contributor sebastian micheals short critque on new 52 and DC as a Whole! bout two, year's ago the DCU/Dc Universe 
Was easily, striving through' sales and it's Iconic, character's had been on a role. Now, after only, about a year and or two year's DC has managed, to totally, screw over it's older fan-base and it's honestly, horrible. They change, the character's persona's into giant asshole's now, and Superman isn't able, to even level a football, field and it seem's in each comic he's getting his ass handed to him. I've got a list of problem's with the ''new 52'' but I'll name a few and go on from there. They've changed the iconic character's we've all known. For example, Superman, now seem's like he's asking for something, after he save's each person. What happened to, the Superman we've all known since Action Comics #1 (June 1938)? Dan Didio happened, he changed all of the character's strictly for ''new fans'' and they all suck! Batman's now an asshole who seem's like he's not afraid to kill..what happened to him not using gun's? And, sadly more, and more, thing's are happening this year. The TMNT origin has now been changed to the turtle's being Alien's because of Micheal Bay, and the new 52'' hit shelve's. Thankfully, Marvel is striving and the avenger's movie is better, then anyone would've expected. It hit the million dollar mark in less then a few week's. Impressive, let's see Dc top that!? Hehe! Good job Micheal, and Didio for screwing up characters! (Sarcasm). -Enraged fan.

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