Tuesday, June 26, 2012

ANTHONY P's OP-ED on the NEW 52!

contributor anthony pilone's state of Address and the new 52 and he has ALoT to say! :)  "Well, whats there to tell? I have been a long-time comic and DC fan and a superman in general. And I have to say, when I have heard that this new 52 reboot and replacing the DC heroes and that I know and love and that has been a part of me, with a bunch of darker and edgier dc characters, just for the sake of change and to and them “hip” for these so-called new fans, but at the same time it is a real kick in the gut and a big smack in the face to me, and to all the true fans that value and DC universe from the former continuity. Not exactly a smart way to make the dollar in the comic book business. Me, it gave a very angry reaction. And one morning, I had trouble trying to fall back to sleep because I couldn’t get the thought out of my head and the thought of it made my gut squeeze and makes me want to scream. That’s how bad it upsets me. It’s like having something that was part of you, something that you hold dear and being ripped away, basically.

It use to be readable for everyone, not just for kids. Now because of what the new 52 has, it makes it seem like more of rated “R”.
They have added, overdone blood and gore, shown sexual acts and even made the original Green Lantern gay. Are you kidding me? Now, I do not have any problem with gays. But it’s not exactly an appropriate move to introduce kids to comics, to which, I can say the same with overly done blood and gore, shown sexual acts(there is a time and place for certain things. just not in this in DC). Some things are best left alone, like the green lantern’s sexual orientation and that is clearly a sign of disrespect to the DC characters from those fools in DC who care only about the money and not for the fans, long-time fan especially. And thats not right!

They have messed up a lot of most of the character’s outfits, like with wonder woman’s. They also made her boots the wrong color like a dark shade of blue, when it clearly should be RED and made her persona like a cop-out of Xena, let alone making her the daughter of Zeus, which was ridiculous and having here working in London,is also just obsured, she’s suppose to work in the USA in DC! And they should have let Batman keep his black shorts, which does not look right without them. I was reading an article about of little girl who is inspired by Starfire, who she looked up to. And for what the new 52 has made startfire into, even she knows that is not startfire and ruined the character, too. Even George Perez stepped down from DC because he did not like what they were doing to the characters. Can’t say I blame them. I knew he had the heart and the common sense to realize it. And it is all thanks to Dan Didio who has a big ego and clearly does not care and those who are the true fan should at least have enough decency to have common sense to realize how bad it is and that it’s fueled by ego, which is not a good sign and a lot of these “new readers” have failed to realize that. And also in the new 52, they even killed of Harley Quinn. They even broke up our beloved Lois and Clark, DC’s legendary couple, which I found very heartbreaking!

And for superman, they made him darker and edgier and cocky and thats not what superman is about lol And not to mention ruining the suit and taking away his traditional red shorts, to which they should not have, because not only he had it for a very long time, but it helps even out the colors and the suit looks too unbalanced. Plus they made the suit symbiotic when the suit takes over when making a quick change to superman. Are you kidding me?! Not to mention giving superman knee pads? And armor? Come on. Superman is called “the man of steel” for a reason and he doesn’t need any of those at all, that’s just ridiculous lol And simply made Superman into something he isn’t. Superman is suppose to be like, a symbol of hope like. The ultimate good guy, with positive morals and with positive values and inspiration and could capture the heart of many people around the world, that fights for truth, justice and they American way. in general, the new 52 version of superman lacks a lot of that quality compared to the real Superman and they say the new 52 Supes is as original as the one from the 1930s. Maybe so. BUT when you think about it, it was more like he was reduced to what he was before he became to what superman is famous for about all about in his persona.

So in shorter terms, they have messed up basically everything in the DCU and those who so-called like it and thinking that this is the way the DCU should be, should be smacked because a lot of them seem to not have any conception of what the DC(with the real heroes) is really all about and it’s stands for and it’s quality and value, let alone appreciation.

They say we’re “closed minded” and “afraid of change”. And saying some changes are good. But in this case, this is by far the most alienating, most disrespectful reboot I have ever seen and it is so messed up in so many ways, it’s not even funny. DC is just not the DCU without it’s real heroes. There are more us us true fan there than those jerks in DC thinks and a lot of them want the real DC heroes back.
And so do I!"

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