Monday, February 6, 2012


SAW THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN SNEAK PEAK TRAILER AND WITH MORE THAN JUST A TRAILER TONS MORE FOOTAGE! this will be better than Nolans SHIT Knight!lol where do i begin? first we were given 3d Glasses as the trailer was in 3D Free pocorn, soda, Bottled water and spider-man tshirts the line was around two or three blocks, then when we get in the theater there was a white spider-man symbol, and the guy comes out and tells us the trailer is going to start. the thats when the MAGIC happened totaly epic im trying to recover my thoughts with all the footage ive seen , first you see peter in highschool and Flash thompson is bullying a teen Pushing his face in a tray of food Forcing the teen to eat it. then peter jumps in and tells Flash "flash Leave him alone!" and flash is like what did u say? and pete again confidently says Leave him ALONE" then Flash jumps pete starts Kicking him on the floor in front of everyone at school. cut to other scenes of parker in the school Hallway with uncle ben after recieving detention and uncle ben sees gwen in the highschool hall ways and embarrases peter and says "isnt the girl from your computer"? and the uncle ben tells gwen hi this is peter parker im ben his Probation officer."lol there were so many awesome scenes im might not configure them in the right oder but im going to try to put as many in here as i there was a scene that is Classic Spider-man Spidey has that classic funny wit that Tobey NEVER maguire did. theres another scene where a carjacker is theiveing a car and spider-man is in the backseat and says something to the effect of" you know when your trying to steal a car you shouldnt dress like a theif" lol then the robber says are you a cop? to which spidey says" a cop with this red and Blue outfit do you think i look like a cop?" and another scene where that same theif pulls out a big knife and spider-man feigns coward getting on his kness and begging the robber omg i Scared please put away the knife mister!!" mocking the robber then he shoots him with a web and knocks him out. and pretends like hes Sneezing ACHOO! as if he was sshooting the webs out of his there are also s an awesome scene when peter wakes up in the morning after being bitten by the spider and his alarm clock is going off he doesnt wanna get up and he just taps the alarm clock and completley SMASHES IT In two not realizing his own strength!lol then he goes to the bathroom to squeeze the toothpaste to brush his teeth and squeezes it so Hard toothpaste Shoots out everywhere in the bathroom, then he tries to turn the water on in the sink in the bathroom and completely breaks and estroys the whole sink pulling it off the wall. then there were scenes of Captain stacy gwen stacy's dad played by denis leary has put out and apb out on spider-man and considers him a villain and that police should shoot to kill thers one awesome scene where WARNING!! SPOILERS CAPTAIN STACy and his Swat team have Spider-man Captured in handcuffs SWA T TEAM SURROUNDING HIM AND MAJOR SPOILER WARNING!! CAPTAIN STACY PULLS OFF SPIDER-MANS MASK IN FRONT of the swat Team at night AS Soon as Captain stacy takes off his mask Spidey does Swift flipping and Kicking and beats the shit out of the swat team and escapes , now it was at nightime so it wasnt clear if Stacy was able to get a good look at parkers face! but that was EPIC! there also some great scenes which make me wonder if his webs are still organic but just with shooters on them! spidey has these digital circular looking blue and yellow looking shooters on his wrist, that seem like they time the shooting of his webs or something. and there was a cool scene where parker is in his basement whith the shooters testing the elasticity and aim of his webs!! another scene where spider-man is upside down hanging inside the sewers and all of a sudden you see a big giant lizard tail wrapping around his neck and choking him like a boa Constrictor! Curtis connors aka the Lizard looks impressive he kind of reminds me like a Much much greener version of the abomination only with Lizard scales and a Tail!! lizards hans are freaking HUGE like hulk sized in a scene where u see him ripping his fist through cars on the highway at night causing major HAVOC in the city! there are many other scenes with peter in his lo- budget wrestling costume jumping the sky scrapers at night. and another scene with stacy and parker sitting at the dinner table arguing over wether spdey is really or a Villian to the city and stacey says something to the effect of " well if he was a hero he wouldnt wear a mask!" the 3d and visuals in this movie are stunning! ALL AROUND EPIC EXPERIENCE BETTER than ANYTHING SEEN in NOLANS CRAP KNIGHT

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